Routine Home Care

Routine hospice care is hospice care provided by the hospice interdisciplinary team to patients in their home or homelike setting, including nursing homes, assisted living communities or long-term care facilities.

The interdisciplinary team focuses on the patient and may include the family, the patient’s physician, hospice medical director, hospice nurse, hospice director of nursing, hospice social worker, hospice aide, hospice chaplain, hospice volunteer and hospice bereavement coordinator.

Continuous Care

Continuous care is provided in the home or homelike setting during crisis situations when the patient experiences symptoms that require closer monitoring by the hospice interdisciplinary team. During these crisis situations, the hospice staff will coordinate care with the family to provide symptom management to meet the patient’s needs.

Inpatient Care

Inpatient care is offered to patients for short periods of time at contracted facilities when the crisis or symptoms can no longer be managed in the home. At this time, the patient will be transported to one of our contracted inpatient care facilities where specialized crisis and symptom management will be provided. The hospice team will continue to visit and oversee the needs of the patient.

Respite Care

Respite Care is a short-term care service that provides the caregiver and family a period of relief from daily care of their loved one. To obtain respite care, the interdisciplinary care team will coordinate these services with one of our contracted respite care facilities, where the patient will reside for the respite care period. Our hospice staff will continue to visit and oversee the needs of the patient.