elderly woman with dog in her arms.Guardian Hospice Care is always looking for committed volunteers to become a part of our hospice team. Each volunteer brings something special to hospice to help fulfill the lives of the patients and families we serve. Volunteering with our program can be a truly rewarding experience.

There are many ways volunteers can support the work of Guardian Hospice Care.

Patient and Family Support Volunteers

  • Visit with the patient and family
  • Run errands for the family
  • Read to patients or write letters for them

Bereavement Service Volunteers

  • Make phone calls or visits to surviving family members and friends
  • Mail sympathy cards and bereavement notes

Special Service Volunteers

  • Provide clerical assistance to the staff
  • Send birthday cards and thank you cards
  • Participate in activities at nursing homes
  • Attend various community events
  • Arts and crafts

Job Description

  • Qualifications
    A nonjudgmental, caring individual supportive of the hospice concept of care, willing to serve others, and appropriately oriented and trained. Volunteers who are qualified to provide professional services must meet all standards associated with their specialty area.
  • Responsibilities
    The volunteer shall:
    • provide assistance to the hospice program, and/or patient/family in accordance with designated assignments
    • provide input into the plan of care and interdisciplinary group meetings, as appropriate
    • document services provided as trained and instructed by the hospice agency
    • maintain strict patient/family confidentiality
    • communicate any changes or observations to the assigned supervisor

In most circumstances, we ask that volunteers wait 12 months following the loss of a close family member before being placed with a hospice patient. Exceptions may apply at the discretion of the volunteer coordinator.


To become a hospice volunteer:

  • you may contact our office at (318) 484-4418
  • click here to send us an email
  • click here  to open a form that you can either print out and mail/fax in or send to us via email (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)